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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle Cleanhomes
Post Content
I guess my questions are these...

1. Does anyone remember Columbine? There wasn't just local police there. There was a swat team there and they were ushering children out of the school lines at a time. We saw blood spatter, we saw devestation, we saw people in motion, and we hear of people giving CPR and trying to stop the bleeding.
At Sandy Hook six children out ran a semi automatic weapon? After seeing their teacher get shot? They were composed enough to report this without being scared and parents allowed these interviews to take place?

2. Adam Lanza was such an accurate shot that he managed to kill with 100% accuracy and there was absolutely no hope for any of the victims?

3. None of the adults that were spared tried to save any of the poor, defenseless children who had been taken down? After the gunman shot the Principle and the other person next to her, none of the people in the office dragged them into the office after the gunman had gone into the classrooms to see if they could be saved?

4. Nothing in real time was reported other than chasing the secondary gunman, which was shown on CNN.

5. At Columbine we saw victims being wheeled out on stretchers, with sheets covering them if they were dead and with medical teams working on them if they weren't. Why didn't we see this at Sandy Hook? And why were the only responders who were there a small town local police force??
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Awesome :)
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