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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He is the father of a student there and the athletic director at the highschool. He was on his way to the school to help make gingerbread houses with 1st graders when he heard the shots. He was unarmed, arrested, detained, questioned, and let go. The story of the guy in the woods was a dead end, so the media dropped it. That is the problem with the 24 hour news cycle, they will report any lead they get before sorting out facts. However, this is hardly evidence of a conspiracy.

Are you kidding me?

They guy was THERE, at the scene, heard the gunshots, was a survivor, and a wittness?

So, the media dropped it?

Thanks for the laugh about such a disturbing subject?

YOU are an absolute MMMORAAN
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