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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle debunked666
Post Content
I sniff a shill here ... were? were?

Oh look it's the OP!!

These posts do not belong at this site!
Ban the @#$%^& idiot!

When there is so much proof Sandy Hook is actually Sandy Hoax!!
Why would you want to debunk the fact tha Sany Hoax was a staged scene?
Only if you get paid to do so!!

Shiff Shifffff

Yes it's clear to me...


ps... OP get lost! go do a Lemming at a 400 ft cliff!

 Quoting: Shill super shiffer 29256639

I laughed so hard at your sad attempt.

If you actually interpret your sentence in the correct context

"I sniff a shill here.. were? were?"
It actually sounds like you're a bloody stuffed nose desert gecho. lmao

The use of “Where” vs. “Were” is probably the easiest to understand in the English vocabulary, yet you failed on first attempt and then seem to be an expert in the Sandy Hook's shootings?
BTW, WTF is "Shiff Shiffff"? I thought a persons nose is used to "Sniff" or smell with.

Right, so moving onto a more serious note.

I do believe that in order for your, or anyone else's theory to qualify as legit or just qualify as a theory to start of with or even a "debunking the debunkers", you need to at the very least be able to prove you have done some sort of research, preferably something intelligent (no, not a search for YouTube videos created by some crazy "what da hell is going on in Texas" Dave.) You need to look at all the possibilities and consider any possible reason anything is the way it is. Consider any other possibilities and then deduct anything random or just plain stupid from your research and when your end results gets combined with some logic, you'll notice that you might have a valid case.

That is exactly what I have done and I am busy creating a series of videos on YouTube to prove all my findings. So at the end of the day I can actually have a valid argument with anyone suggesting otherwise, I can request that they show me where they researched their information, as it obviously led them to confusion or incorrect information. Their evidence will also lead you/me/them to some crazy conspiracy website which would "obviously" be misleading anyone with the bullshit.

I am not here to waste time to even re-write any of the evidence or theories I am already working on for my videos, but I can say that besides the obvious media mistakes in the initial reports, I can debunk 95% of the conspiracies created.

Just as a starting point, I have seen many videos and sites stating that Sandy Hook's Emilie Parker was not a real person and that the parkers only had 2 children. The so called evidence points to ridiculous misleading photo shopped pictures and people mistaking Madeline, sister of Emilie for herself. I will let you know that I have access to almost 700 photos and videos of this family (excluding the ones on the old Facebook page) The mere fact that so many real pictures exist already voids any claim of photo shopping to the family photos, any truther can edit a pic and claim it was done by the "government".

Secondly, the FEMA Gene Rosen, aka Eugene E Rosen has been debunked by me as well as other people using their brains and so has the Actors Guild theory.

The Gun "misinformation" has been debunked, the additional shooters has been debunked, the "only 1 ambulance" has been debunked, the crying families has been debunked, I debunked the .223 rounds that did not exit the children’s bodies which truthers said was impossible.

My entire point here is, instead of giving a stupid comment to someone like "you did not debunk anything" rather build some credibility and do something constructive, go out and do some research ffs. You can only earn credit and get people to believe you if you do your research and not act like some loon from an institute. No one will take you serious if you act like you were raised in a circus.
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