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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I watched the video and wondered myself about it, so I googled some pictures of the parker family.

Honestly, I think people are wrong about Emilie Parker being in the picture with Obama.

Here is why:
There is a Christmas card the Parkers did right before all of this happened. You can google it yourself.
The girls are older now than in the picture being used in the video (that picture was nearly 2 years old). The middle one is now almost as tall as Emilie and their hair is almost the same. Parted the same and everything. Emilies was a little darker and longer, but that is about it.

The little girl in the picture with President Obama does, indeed, appear to be the middle sister, not Emilee if you compare "Recent" pictures..not the older one.

Now as far as Robbie Parker's demeanor right before that Press conference, I don't know..but I can't discount that might have been a "nervous" smile right before going on TV. But I don't know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32355314

Well where are the paparazzi? I would like pictures of these questionable families in the aftermath. There ought to be something to show they are either real or fake.
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