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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle the8track
Post Content
There are even more anomalies

Here is a snapshot of the parked cars (taken from the video [link to www.youtube.com] at 3:11): [link to s14.directupload.net] .

Isn't is strange? Look at all the cars of those two parking rows in the middle of the snapshot . in the first row all(!) the cars had been parked in with their back first. And in the second row all the cars had been parked in with their front first.
That's not normal - but ARRANGED!

Usually the way you park your car is by random.
E. g.: I park with the front first if there is someone behind me, who is also looking for a parking place. If no one is behind me - and if I am not in a haste - a pass the parking place and then set back - with the rear end first - into the square. This because it is then easier for me to park out when I come back and want to drive away.

Cars get parked the way you see on the parking place of the Sandy Hook school, if you hire some guys and tell them to park 42 (If I have counted right) cars on a parking place somewhere else. And you order them to park the cars in the middle of that parking place in two rows.
Then these guys will drive the cars to that parking place and they will run - front ahead - over the second row onto the first row and stop the motor. And after the first row is occupied they'd start to fill the second row by driving head on into those parking spots - just as they did with the first row.
But now all cars in the first row have there FRONT showing to the exit of their little parking squares - while all the cars in the second row have their REARS showing to the exit of their little parking squares.
 Quoting: rubyblue 32366625

Wait, people don't park in straight lines?
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