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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle rubyblue
Post Content
and more anomalies

If you go to the site of the Parker Family themselves [link to www.facebook.com (secure)] ) you find there a little video with photos of Emily.

And what I say now is of course not an argument pro or contra if Emily died or if she didn't and later appear with Obama.

But this video seems so 'polished'! Every picture could have been STILED by a photographer of "Vogue" or any other beauty or fashion or starlet magazine.

Also the sceneries Emily is put into are always very polished and very sterile. And these photos are so perfect (by proportions, arrangement, cut and and and). Even the smiles are perfect!

No pictures of Emily on CHRISTMAS morning or Easter morning (or Bar Mitzvah or other feasts of other religions). No photo of her birthday!
No photo of her FIRST SCHOOL DAY!
No photos of her with her CLASSMATES. Emily looks definitely vary sweet. Only few classmates could have coped with her. Parents so much in love with Emily - but also very p r o u d of her - would have liked to show guests or relatives a photo of Emily's class. They then could have pointed on the picture and could have said: "Look, look! T h i s is Emily!".

By the way: relatives": Emily obviously has NO RELATIVES. No grandma (some children have even two of those). No grandpa (some children have even two of those). No aunt (you can have a lot of them) no uncle (you can have a lot of them). Not one godmother, not one godfather. Yes Barry Obama's lap - but sitting on the lap of one's dearest aunt is much nicer.

There is n o t o n e photo of Emily with her best GIRLFRIEND! Emily seems to have no friends at all. Or: Where is the photo with this little fresh BOY from some houses away, who once seduced Emily into ringing the doorbells of the neighbours - and then to run away as fast as one could (I made this doorbell ringing up - just to bring some life into this sterility!) .

If I didn't overlook something, Emily doesn't have a WRIST WATCH! That's absolutely abnormal. See: [link to de.answers.yahoo.com] or [link to www.mylot.com] .
Children have on old trick to get a watch. When they are late again and are scolded the, they protest. 'How do I know the time - you never bought me a wrist watch!
Emily, who is always posing on the photos and tries to look beautiful would definitely have wanted a wrist watch and - different from a little boy - this watch had to look beautiful. And colourful watches for little ladies are not expensiv.

She never plays with PUPPETS or a Barbie Doll. She seems to NEVER PLAY AT ALL!
Patents love(!) to shoot photos of their kids being lost in play. Wouldn't it have fitted perfectly well in this sweet-honey-dripping video if Emily hugged a Barbie Doll - or gave Ken a huge kiss?

Also Emily never made holidays. Newtown is not all to far from the coast. People in the US had a very hot summer, I heard. So off to the beach, family Parker! Emily would love to swim - or sit at the beach with a little shovel and dig for China. Or chase the beach for beautiful shells - competing with her smaller sisters. Or wear one of those colourful big beach hats for little ladies!
But all this doesn't exist (except one photo with Emily in a pool).

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