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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle rubyblue
Post Content
Also this photo shooting session with Obama in the High school of Newtown is w e i r d !

If Obama wanted to give consolation to the parents and siblings of murdered children then that was certainly a good idea: Although full of grief the extraordinary situation to met Mr. President himself would have relieved the distress of those parents, brothers and sisters of the victims. The warm light of fame that shines from the office of the president would have done well to those in grief - also to find their photos and family names in all the press of the country.

But Obama doesn't care at all about those families in grief. Instead he makes his photo shooting nearly exclusively with the Parkers. Look at these photos: [link to www.businessinsider.com] (wait a little until the advertisement disappears)

On the first photo we still see 3 kids that are not Parker kids. But no one cares what their name is and if they lost a brother or sister. We hear nothing about them.
On the second photo we see Obama with Robbie Parker And we see a lady. But no one tells us who she is.
In the third photo Obama is to be seen exclusively with the Parker family (the lady far right is supposed to be an aunt of Emily).
In the last photo we see Obama with Robbie Parker again. And three people in the background. Who no one cares about who they are.

But not only is the Parker family put forward - on cost of up to 20 other families - for reasons we don't know. ALSO THE PUBLICITY WORK WAS DONE BY NO ONE OTHER THAN ROBBIE PARKER !!
On the site linked above we read: "So far, the White House has not released any photos of Obama's meetings with the families. But the family of Emilie Parker, a six-year-old victim of the shooting, posted these photos to their memorial fund Facebook page"

Now, now: This President took the greatest(!) interest(!) in using the Sandy Hook massacre (real or not real) for his personal publicity! Obama wasn't even ashamed to spread this ridiculous stupid human touch propaganda 'how did Obama react, when he heard of the massacre?'. Three quarter of the press spread nonsense like this: "Obama Sandy Hook news went viral on Saturday morning after the White House released a photo of the president reacting when he first heard about the horrific Newtown shooting that took the lives of 20 children and seven adults on Dec. 14."
See e. g. [link to www.idigitaltimes.com] .. and tons of other outlets (just google) .

Do they really want us to believe that an employee rushed into Obama' Oval Office and told him: 'Mr. President I have horrible news. But our publicity manager wants a photo of Your reaction to be take when I tell You the news. So we will just have to wait some 10 minutes before our photographer will be here! Please be patient!'
And now the White House has the Chance to show the human touch of the President to the public - at least at a meeting with the Parkers. And then the White House doesn’t give these photos directly and very fast to the press?????!!!!
And it' s exactly Robbie Parker who has the exclusive(!) privilege to give to the press what the President desperately wants the press to spread massively all over the whole world???!!!

The Sandy Hook incident circles in an astonishing way around the Parker family.

And where are all this new photos coming from - also a very new one with Obama and Madeline/Emily??
If the White House didn't give them to the press - who does??
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