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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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And on the Robbie Parker "smiling" issue..that is another aspect of the "conspiracy theory" I have a problem with.

First of all, no matter how distraught you are, you are going to act differently with a bunch of cameras stuck in your face and reporters all around...no matter who you are..
That is not a normal or common thing for someone who has been through a tragedy to have hundreds of cameras and reporters around. I don't think anybody in that situation would feel free to show the normal emotion they would otherwise..you would feel very strained at best. I think the smiling was more of a nervous reaction.

And their is a picture of him at her memorial service where his eyes are clearly red from crying.

I have lost family members, where at the funeral, we were crying so hard for a few minutes and then somebody brings up something sweet or funny they did or said and you smile or even laugh for a few minutes thinking about it and then right back to crying.

You can't judge a person's emotional state in the presence of a media firestorm for the most part.

(Now that is not always the case..I realize that..for example..the infamous Susan Smith case a few years ago who was pleading for the return of her missing children on camera, when she had actually killed them...I remember a body language expert easily picking out how she was faking)...but you have to really know what you are doing...pretty much be an expert..to discern whether the emotion you are seeing is genuine or not. It's not something the average person can do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32355314

its called intuition, i know when i am being lied to. i don't need to be an expert in body language.

explain the fact that in MAY 2012 a guy on youtube claimed that one of the grieving families who lives in Newtown, CT was a family of actors

explain the 2 drills going on the morning of the Sandy Hook shooting.

explain the exercise in Parker, CO going on the day of the Batman massacre that involved "AN ACTIVE SHOOTER IN A MOVIE THEATER WHO ALSO HAS A BOMB". that was 15 miles away from the theater and the only university in the nation to ever run such exercises
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