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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The first and "golden" rule of journalism is, "IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS!"

With this in mind, is it any wonder why news/media outlets like MSM, CNN were allowed to present the poorly-written, acted and directed tv miniseries, "The Sandy Hook Tragedy: The Massacre That Never Was" 24/7 from December 14 to December 23. They knew they had a built-in audience of viewers who - UNLIKE TRUTHERS - are the same folks that enjoy driving by major car accidents slowly in hopes of seeing dead bodies, etc. They are the GHOULS - not those of us who want to know what really happened, and why!

We only want to know the truth - if a picture is worth a 1000 words - than so be it! Personally, I think it sucks, but in a court of law, "if there's no body, there's no crime!"

Those of us who think for ourselves and use the front part of our brain can't help but reject the information we've been fed. Like computer technology, our brain's can't process (accept) "incorrect or corrupt data." We need to Until we get the correct information - we will always Three hours into what would be a week long loop of 24/7 misinformation, I knew the the entire plot and how it would end.

All we have as evidence is at best, circumstantial, and just "hearsay." For example, "Adam Lanza's" was autistic - the only proof - what the police SAID his estranged "brother Ryan" SAID when he was detained AT THE SCHOOL and held for questioning. HEARSAY! Where his is Psychiatrist? Where is NANCY LANZA's gun license? By CT Law, she would have had to register all four guns - WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTATION? That's right, "her neighbor" SAID he saw them! Her "bar fly" friends SAID!

Where is this poor kid's family? Why are they allowing the press to "drag their family name through the mud?" "Adam and Nancy," if they did exist, are just as much victims as the supposed 20 children and 5 school staff members.

The REAL "ghouls", and the individuals I find "unconscionable" Anderson Cooper, are YOU, and your peers who willing and remorselessly fuel this fire and carry on, endlessly, this story's poorly written and bullshit-laden narrative. They are the people and corporations for whom you work (CNN,Disney - ABC News). They are every person who willingly participated in this sham - "psychological warfare" - got your 15 minutes of fame, and like all whores, were handsomely compensated for your services,and while in the process, WILLINGLY soul your to TPTB.
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