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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
(Note: Pound Ridge is very close to Sandy Hook. This was posted as a comment to the only Pound Ridge paper)
In Pound Ridge Elementary School, (in Mrs. Costello’s class – 3rd classroom on left from front), at times some of the boys had 22 long, bolt-action rifles. 3 or 4 of them were brought to class and simply leaned against the wall. Usually the rifle classes were on Saturday at a range in South Salem but at those times it had to be on Friday the rifles were taken on the school bus along with books and lunch. The boys were not training on rifles for hunting. The training was to kill people. This was the Beavers. The patch was a beaver on a parachute. We were trained to kill the commies who might invade. This was the 1954-1955 school year. The school had no problem with this.

Hearing about Sandy Hook I thought I would check the paper in my old home town. The only thing close to a Pound Ridge paper in the 50s & 60s was a mimeographed ‘FYI’ mailed out four times a year by the outgunned Pound Ridge Democrats. It was independent and with that carried some weight. A video showing that both the authorities and the media have been lying about Sandy Hook has suddenly gone viral on Facebook, 9,977,456 early this morning, most likely way over 10 million now. Those who ‘like’ it are 5 to one over the dislikes. Why do the media still lie?

What about local media? I check Pound Ridge. The Daily Voice is part of a conglomerate covering 3 states with 52 towns covered. Here is the video: [link to www.youtube.com]
Insist your quasi-local paper, this one, honestly cover what occurred almost next door or tell every advertiser to pull their contracts. Here is the email:
Email feedback@dailyvoice.com
Even that doesn’t look local. You even have a police department. I find this odd as the population has changed little. 50s and 60s Bill Shelling who delivered groceries by truck was the police. That cost $100 per year and a uniform for Memorial Day. Can you even talk to your police chief? Email: dryan@townofpoundridge.com
I will send a copy of this to the emails above and post this entire thing on an international site.
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