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Message Subject HOLY SHIT! Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video up to 8.5 MILLION views, 4.5 million more than yesterday
Poster Handle Yuri Gervasii
Post Content
Victim being moved from the school??

[link to hypervocal.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12187143

Has that Teacher been interviewed?Is it documented that they went to the hospital and received treatment for the shot foot?is there record that any victim went to the hospital whatsoever?

No reporters at the hospital like usual reporting someone D.O.A. or in Critical.Just all died and went straight to the coroner?????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2353246

(Guys im gonna break it down for ya...
I have credible evidence to back everything i say here.)

None of the "claimed" injured survivors have been interviewed.
As a matter of fact, they have not even "confirmed" their names. We were told the vice principle was the ONLY injured survivor.... she has never been heard from or seen since the day this false flag took place. Then, out of the blue the fat fuck liar Lt. Paul Vance told reporters they had a second injured witness but refused to say where this person was hospitalized and.... as you probably guessed... he refused to give a name.

Reasons why - Vice principle was just another CIA plant, whos job was to help the principle manipulate the children's records by planting fake names ect.
Thats the reason we have not seen any CRAZED parents demanding some answers.
Notice ALL the children's parents that were interviewed only hours after this false flag event were OBVIOUS actors.
The "unknown "victim" is a plain and simple lie. They will introduce someone of good public stature to play the roll of the unknown injured person.... someone that will KNOW after watching all the blow back can discredit "US" to the American sheeple.

Btw... the janitor/custodian, Kevin Anzellotti... who has rarely been mentioned was the (CIA plant) gunman. It has been said numerous times that he went down the hall locking all the classroom doors so the teachers and children would be safe.
Who the fuck would do this, out in the wide open while a crazed gunman was blowing people away?
The REAL reason he locked the doors.... was because that lessened the risk of witnesses to the truth.
All the "real" witnesses were killed. Hochsprung (CIA plant) turned the intercom on... and turned the security/video surveillance OFF before she buzzed the gunman (janitor) in.

Side note( Kevin Anzellotti, claimed on his facebook page that he was OUT that day (meaning ..he took off from work).
The name of the "custodian" given by the school nurse (Sally Cox) that hid under the desk and claimed to have seen the shooters boots was - Rick Thorne.

He is named here -
[link to www.nydailynews.com]

Pic of Anzellotti
[link to i1.someimage.com]

Seem even more fishy now? We are far down the rabbit hole now.... so...

The noise heard over the intercom is what made most of the teachers run and shut their doors, and hide their children, huddled in a corner.
The witnesses that fucked up and seen what was really going on were shot... meaning ... Mary Ann Murphy, Mary Sherlach and Rachel Davino.
Soto and Rousseau were also planted via CIA.
These are the only 2 teachers that are "claimed" to have lost children... most from Rousseau's class.
Both of these teachers had multiple family interviews that we all seen were very FAKE.

Also, the man in the woods that we were told was an off duty police officer from another town or whatever... was nothing more then a distraction to keep us from looking at the staff that was involved.
Who ever did this was a professional and the number one rule of a mafia hit man, mercenary, assassin .... ALWAYS leave the gun at the crime scene.
That way if they are seen leaving or near the crime scene they wont have the gun on them, which of course lead straight back to the crime. Real hit men,assassins ect wear disposable gloves to assure they have no gun powder residue that is always left on the shooters hands after shooting any weapon.

To get to the bottom of this... we need to expose the janitor/custodian. No one else has even mentioned his act of great bravery ... nor tried to interview him.
After all he Jason Borne style, single handed dodged the over "100"" rounds of AR-15 that are said to have went through brick walls then through cars parked outside.
Where is his metal of honor?
Btw.... who else in this school could wear disposable gloves every day and no one would even notice it?
The shit cleaning CIA planted janitor!

As far as Lanza goes (if he really exists)...he was nothing more then a Scopolamine induced zombie that was alone for the ride, not having a clue that he was about to be a murdered patsy. His dead mom was killed because she was just another loose end (real witness) to the abduction of her mentally challenged son. The computer was "busted" just to give some credibility and secrecy behind the non-existent motive. Kinda like all the bombs packed inside James Holmes apt.
They learned from us seeing Holmes sitting in court practically lobotomized that assuring the next false flag patsy ended up dead was a priority.

This is all a long planed, very sophisticated plan that took multiple people to accomplish it.
Could our government pull off what most Americans would call a ridiculous "conspiracy"?
Well... refer to September 11th 2001.
They believed a couple of camel riding, towel heads armed with box cutters knocked down 3 STEEL structures with only 2 planes. They also believed a commercial airliner some how penetrated the worlds most secure air space, then... without a single fighter jet interception.. nor any ground to air missiles fired.... rammed the airliner into the very section that had just been "re-unenforced" that just so happened to hold all the documents needed to criminally prosecute the mother fuckers that have corrupted our government.

So... to say this Sandy Hook False flag could have been pre-planned and carried out flawlessly would be a very conceivable thought.
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