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Message Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."
Thread: NEWTONBEE reports MAN hunted down IN WOODS off duty out of Town tactical swat

OK now they're claiming it was a tactical officer that was taken down in the woods... If it was a tactical officer why would he be taken down? And if was from another town he sure got there quick!!
Wouldn't he let his identity known to the police officers that are are clearly chasing him?? MAKES NO SENSE.

An apparent "new witness":

'New witness' claims it was RYAN Lanza that was detained in the woods. Thread: Snady Hook WITNESS CLAIMS HE SAW RYAN LANZA HANDCUFFED TAKEN OUT OF WODDS

I hope this person can also step up and further provide credibility..

Would be interesting it's is a real witness, but it could literally be anyone in the world claiming that...

And by the looks of that whole last paragraph it looks like they have an agenda already unfortunately.. =\


Chris Rodia. I thought he was debunked...?

A person in this thread came up with a very good question regarding it:
Thread: My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences (Page 2)
"I havent seen this debunked yet as no one has answered the question that if it was his mothers car he was driving as per his interview, then it would of been his mothers name read out over the scanner and not his... this is my post from another thread:

"Chris Rodia states that he was driving his MOTHERS car in the media article.. so on a rego plate check that means his MOTHERS NAME would be read out, not his.. it was a plate check, not a licence check.. "

Article claiming he was pulled over in Greenwich:
[link to www.ctpost.com]

"It's 2:20 am and we're still up making a million green ribbons for big sis' wake tomorrow <3"

That was taken the night before her sister's wake. Let me say that again. THE NIGHT BEFORE HER SISTER'S WAKE.

Scroll down the comments and notice how even her friends noticed how upbeat she seems. No puffy eyes..Has she cried at all ?

Would you be able to feel OK enough to have fun little photo shoot like this? Followed by turning the pics into a cutesie little collage for herself, even classier.

Then she's nearly flirting with this "celebrity" on twitter..
[link to www.hitzoneonline.com]

Kinda shameless. I thought it was distasteful for her to respond like that way back when this was still raw.

The other sister Jillian tweeted "Anderson Cooper rocks" under a picture of her family smiling and posing with Anderson Cooper a mere few days after losing Vicki...

How did they all manage to look so composed?

Now her tweets are protected, and can't access the tweet anymore... If anyone has saved please let me know.

UPDATE: Hammer guy-
I'm glad to find people who also thought that was strange.

Thread: The hammer in Sandy Hook
The thread really blew up !!

What REAL reason did he have for doing that at that particular time??

One guy says it best: ""We jsut had a mass murder up the street, we have ambulances and law enforcment incomming, please DO NOT CLEAR THE AREA, and CONTINUE to HAMMER THE ROCKS! WE GOT DEADLINES TO MEET!""

Was he just banging away like a monkey at a rock because he was told to keep working or was he there to monitor what information the child was giving? Could be just grasping at straws with that one, a lot of people think it's no big deal and maybe it's not.

People were clever in finding consistencies in teacher Kaitlin Roig's story as well.
Thread: Sandy Hook - The Legend of Kaitlin Roig ----Updated 2-13-13

She claimed at first it was a bathroom, then it turned into a closet with a door that swung inward.

Based on dimensions of the room and the fact the door swung inward, people are assuming it's very hard to get everyone in.

Yeah they survived, apparently the gunman for some reason decided to "skip" the room all together.

Final thought:

What really keeps sticking in my mind is the "14 coats".
It's obviously a huge discrepancy that needs answering.

The total numbers of children in different classes (both victims and survivors) is just all over the place.

There were sixteen in class that day since 15 were killed and the one girl lived.

It's mid-December, and especially in a community like theirs, a parent dropping off a child with no jacket is a big NO NO.
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