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Message Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
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When any major story is swimming in contradictory details, vital to the truth of the narrative, most people will fill in the gaps... for example:

Who actually witnessed Adam Lanza leave his Mothers house, arrive at the school and enter the school itself?

This is like a game of contrarian chess... If there is no picture/video of Adam Lanza do not simply fill in the gap with your own reason.

The key piece of information which allowed the police to "Identify" this now dead, mass killer is the Id he was carrying. But the DL was not Adams but was instead discovered to be his older brothers.

Now look at this on-line report:

UPDATED: 26 dead, including 20 kids, in Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting: Gunman Adam Lanza, 20, kills teacher mom in her Newtown home, drives her car to her school and opened fire before killing self

"By Matthew Lysiak , Mark Morales , Teri Thompson , Ben Chapman , Rocco Parascandola , Joseph Straw ,
Victoria Cavaliere AND Larry Mcshane / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Published: Friday, December 14, 2012, 10:51 AM
Updated: Saturday, December 15, 2012, 9:47 AM"

A mass murderer executed his mother with her own gun and then slaughtered 20 helpless kids and a half-dozen staffers in a ghastly killing spree at a Connecticut elementary school.

The savage shooter never spoke as he sprayed the Sandy Hook Elementary School with dozens of bullets just 25 minutes after the morning bell started classes inside the typically quiet one-story school.

One witness said Friday’s masked killer, clad in black camouflage, might have fired up to 100 shots in just two minutes as terrified kids cowered in classrooms and closets — and heroic workers hustled to keep them alive.

Music teacher Maryrose Kristopik was hailed as a hero for barricading 15 children in one closet, where they could hear the bloodthirsty Lanza screaming, “Let me in!”

Read more: [link to www.nydailynews.com]

These were not just a few journalistic mistakes, which led the reader (now quite horrified by the shock of the violence upon children and teachers) to make conclusions about the MOTIVE--- he executed his own Mother--- went to her school and killed her fellow co-workers and murdered children--- he said nothing and yet was heard screaming like a bloodthirsty fiend, "Let me in" and by this time the rational part of the brain had stopped and the emotional shock takes over.

Did this school have surv. camera's or not? This crucial aspect of real evidence either proves Lanza was there at the school as "DESCRIBED" by the official narrative or there is no conclusion possible. Do not fill in the gaps with excellent reasons or you fail the test of contrarian logic. Do not prove anything which is not substantially corroborated with well defined facts of evidence, which can be proven in a court of law. NO secret evidence is allowed and no presumptions of guilt are allowed either. Was Adam Lanza publicly convicted of this horrendous murder spree by allegations or actual evidence?

Why no serious crime scene photo's of Adams/Mom's house? Another report and note the glaring contradictions:

"Nancy Lanza, the mother of suspected school shooter Adam, was believed to have been killed in her classroom. But updates in the investigation say she was found dead at her son’s residence — she wasn’t even a teacher at the school. So horrible.

After Adam Lanza was identified as the shooter responsible for the horrific shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Dec. 14, reports presumed that his mother, Nancy Lanza had been shot and killed in her classroom. However, CNN reports that Nancy was, in fact, found dead in Adam’s residence in Newtown and she wasn’t even a staff member at the school.

CNN’s Susan Candiotti reported that investigators confirmed to her that Nancy was found at the residence. “Earlier we had information that she was found in the classroom.** However, now I’m being told that in fact her body was found at the suspect’s residence,” Susan reported. “We don’t know whether she also lived there. We also don’t know the time-line – when was she killed? Was she killed before the shooting began at the school? These are the things that authorities are still trying to piece together---"

[link to hollywoodlife.com]

One more just to show some sources of info to be more consistent with the official narrative:

"Four of the tragic child victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza lived within short walking distance of the $1.5 million home the killer shared with his mother, whom he also killed."
Read more: [link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Be sure to check out the pic of the house---and the car on the tow-truck--- clearly there was nothing going on at the residence when the image was taken, but it seems odd there were no pictures of an active investigation even if only from say across the street. The sloppy, inconsistent information from many sources is fertile ground for drawing conclusions that seem quite rational and logically sound. Why it is perfectly logical to conclude Adam Lanza was a deranged psychopath and nothing else matters especially the motive itself.

When the false aspects of the official narrative are removed the conclusion is based on hearsay. What the media says or doesn't never changes the odd fact a media report is not admissible evidence. The investigation is well hidden at this point and way too secretive for no real reason. The investigators supplied the information IF NOT were did the false and mis-leading information come from specifically?

The narrative can also be summed: An unknown masked man, broke into the school and began killing innocent school staff and teachers--- he was wearing a mask--- nobody saw his face--- he was killing kids--- teachers hid kids in closets and bathrooms to escape the killer during his two-minute killing spree---at least a hundred rounds--- he never took off his mask--- nobody knew who he was--- he then killed himself and was found by responders to the scene-- who then took off his mask--- searched his dead body and found a drivers ID---- Ryan Lanza---

What conclusions are possible at this point in time?
If they DO not know the ID is wrong WHY does his MOM become a suspected victim? Does the deceased look like one of the dead teachers? He is only twenty... do the dead teachers look old enough to be his Mom? Was there a Lanza ID on the desk next to one of the teachers now dead? What brilliant logical deduction allowed the guy holding the ID to suddenly conclude Lanza killed his MOM right there in the classroom? Or the other classroom? What clue led on-line reports to jump to the same conclusion? I do not see one single image of the dead body so I have no idea how such a conclusion is drawn from the facts as presented by the narrative. If nobody at that school had ever seen him before WHO identified him by the relationship as presented? There is a serious gap here between the facts and the IMPLIED allegations which cannot be ignored.

If nobody at that school had ever seen Adam or his MOM at this school why imply FOR any reason they did?

Without such "implications" there is no coherent Motive to be acted upon with such deadly, will-full force. Even if later on such allegations of the implied motive turn out to be false, the false motive has already filled in a crucial gap, one which is psychological--- he hated those teachers, kids and his Mom.

The fact is the investigators hold all of the cards here not the media. The crucial facts are blotted out by the confusion as a direct result from the with-holding of critical crime scene photo's and evidence... evidence the media does not have so it has to create the missing pieces with only the bare minimum of credibility.

An unknown assailant went into a school and murdered teachers and kids with no motive. He had a separate residence--- was it searched? No--- he had a false ID which had what street address? If his brother lived at home(back then) then the address is the Mom's not a separate residence. If not, there is no street/address reference, so was another ID found? If so, why not state he had say--- a library card, with another address and that led searchers to the 1.5 million dollar home and then, after searching the home, they found another dead body as well. By this example there would have been a more credible trail of discovery.

--"However, it was still not clear yesterday precisely what caused Lanza, a socially awkward loner, to snap, though detectives said they had found 'clues' thought to be emails, at his mother' Nancy's home on Yoganada Street.

Police said they had found ‘very good evidence’ they hoped would answer questions about the motives of the 20-year-old gunman, described by those who knew him as brilliant but remote.

And investigators said they found no note or ‘manifesto’ of the sort they have come to expect after other murderous rampages."
Read more: [link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

The connection back to the Mom is clearly quite important and is critical to the Motive, but once again the implied information is still missing. If not where have the e-mails gone?

Did Adam Lanza kill all of those kids and teachers? If the only conclusion to be drawn is only based on critical evidence released by the investigation--- crime scene photo's, shells, guns etc. why has NO such evidence been released?

Is it really that difficult to take a fairly sanitized image of the crime scene and release it the SAME DAY? One photo of a dead Adam Lanza released that day would have silenced the need for any further speculation period. In fact, contrary to the BS it would have actually allowed the resolution of the horror to be real. Without that critical moment of truth the actual result is to SUSPEND the tension as to inflict the greatest amount of emotional strain on the anxious public and actually DO MORE HARM.

Adam Lanza has no motive... he simply became one.
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