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Message Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is also the issue of the twitter time problem..

i posted a thread about it but no one seems to be able to come up with an answer.. in my own research over night Im thinking it has to do with some kind of issue regarding server time and mobile company/phone app time all mismatching.. However, as i sifted through 100's of tweets and times, trying to figure out just how many hours out these times were, I came to the conclusion that about 2 hours must be the discrepency. This still puts the shooting at around 9am and all over by 9.30.. However since starting this search, the times keep changing, now tweets i have screenshots of dont match up when i go back and run through the actual tweets on the page.. very strange indeed..

my thread about it Thread: Can Anyone Explain Times on Twitter Feed regarding Sandy Hook

Also found this pic of the first evacuations and its time marked 9.35am

[link to pbs.twimg.com]

This was from the newtown bee reporter who was one of the first reported on the scene, there are actually about 3 photos of these evacuations that ive seen and yes I thought i saved them, now they are disappearing from my files and they not showing up in searches anymore.. im staying on it though, printing it as i type
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31744715

very good point.

also not surprised the pictures are disappearing.. i think i know one of the other two you're talking about..the one with the woman and officer running out with the little girl in the middle?

and i'd also like to know how a lot of the mass media got to the school so quickly... news 12 is a local station and NBC Connecticut, although a MSM affiliate still had a local news station i'm sure within close proximity..

but when did cnn and other big name media arrive on scene?
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