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Message Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the chopper news footage frames a woods behind the school
that is only 130 feet deep but doesn't go beyond the trees in the framing

the 4th suspect is almost out beyond the trees according to the google maps ariel shot

not to mention what the 4th suspect is doing there, and if it's the suspect their going in there looking for, why run the same way as them when behind him would be an avanue of escape

the cops turn northeast and go uphill away from the hidden person who then suspiciously flanks in the same direction
[link to www.youtube.com]

then the video cuts and the chopper has swung around, the angle is looking east and rotates around till looking down and west acording to the shadows
I don't see who they are chasing
and the news footage is clipped or edited for some reason

the audio doesn't coincide
?"up the driveway on the left side"?

why all 3 cops run straight along the back of the school
then turn 90 degrees north, pause at the sheds and then push into the woods turning back northeast if the suspect is already being persued as per the audio
and where could there be a driveway on their left side?
[link to www.youtube.com]

unless the 3 police in the video are going in there after what the audio is saying and theres cops already in there got someone

I can't make out where exactly in the trees they are after the camera cuts to the close-up but you would think the person they catch is the alleged 4th suspect
which rules out 2 people running by the back of the gym
as the person they say got captured was in there already chopping wood, then what leads them to go running off into the trees
and because of the lapse in continuity of the news footage
there looks like more than 3 cops down under that tree and also a dog
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