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Message Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great Article.

The Natalie Hammond (Vice Principal) who was allegedly shot in the foot?

When I was reading this story, it reminded me about the story of certain Viet Nam vetrans who were so dejected and depressed about the conditions over there, they would choose to "wound" themselves in the foot or leg to get out of the battle zones.

Perhaps this alleged wound was self inflicted? Or perhaps the real perpetrators accidentally shot her?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33007910

Yes let's see how she ends up describing the gunman!

And let's see if there's explanation as to how he had enough time to visit all the rooms he visited (besides the two classrooms and the hallway there is the nurses' office and the other room the witness was saying he was yelling "let me in" and pounding the door to get into... Seems like he had a lot of time when he wasn't effectively shooting 26 women and children all by himself!

And why not shoot into that room like he supposedly did into the school and the other classes?

And if he died in Soto's classroom as they say, he would've had to go into nurse's office and to the other room before Soto's then... Was that after he supposedly killed all but one in Rossaeu (sp)'s?
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