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Message Subject EPIC STORM TO PORTUGAL AND NORTH SPAIN!!! RED ALLERT JUST NOW!!! Min Pressure 967.8 hPa!!!
Poster Handle Luisport
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Re: Mon Forecast and Models - January 2013

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Originally Posted by irpsit
I think the most important this event will be even heavy precipitation and thunderstorms.

The wind will also be violent for a few hours, but I do not think anything extraordinary (except tornadoes possible).

Ainds recall that a pressure 980mb is not at all uncommon in Portugal. Atlantic depressions may reach even much lower pressures, up to 930mb. 980mb is not enough. However if there is enough pressure gradient, wind can always be stormy.

I do not believe that an event is going to be very cold after the passage of depression. Snow in the highlands, but nothing unusual for a situation January.

The lower the latitude is more difficult to withstand low pressure atmosphere that order. A depression of 975 here probably corresponds to one of 960 or less in Iceland, or something like that. And beyond the minimum pressure, which by itself does not tell all, the way is tight gradient is very important, and especially the speed at which the pressure falls, the process to be explosive or not. The risk is there, not the pressure value is x or y. In some models the process is more aggressive, more moderate in another, so we can have a normal winter time as may happen in some place possibly something more extreme. [link to www.meteopt.com]
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