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Message Subject EPIC STORM TO PORTUGAL AND NORTH SPAIN!!! RED ALLERT JUST NOW!!! Min Pressure 967.8 hPa!!!
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
This event is similar to the ciclone of 1941: 1941 - Cyclone
On February 15, 1941 Portugal was devastated by a cyclone which left a trail of destruction across the country, and a large number of dead, wounded and missing.

The extent and severity of damage even took it to be remembered as "the day the cyclone."

According to reports at the time, the cyclone formed between Madeira and Cape St. Vincent and the wind will hit in Lisbon speed of 127 km / h. In the rest of the country the winds reached even higher, with the anemometer Serra do Pilar to record gusts of 167 km / h.

The damage was considerable: roads cut, thousands of trees uprooted, houses destelhadas, chimneys toppled, homeless families, telegraph and telephone connections interrupted, sinking ships, etc.., As can be seen in the news published in the journal The Century that here we provide. [link to www.cm-lisboa.pt]
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