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Message Subject GRAVITY, HOW does it work??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No one has nailed it yet. There is speculation that the force is transferred between bodies as a graviton particle. I happen to disagree with this hypothesis.

We know mass bends space and this affects time also but thats all we know. We know the force G has the value 6.67x10-11, but we do not know what G actually is and why it has that value.

Any theory you come up with that is in accordance by relativity theory will be just as valid as anyone elses theory.

Personally I believe there are three levels of gravity. I believe the gravitational force between particles is related to the weak nuclear force.

If two particles bond due to the weak nuclear force then thier gravity increases accordingly because we treat the two particles as a single mass. This for me shows a direct correlation between fundemental forces. eistein also believed there was a direct corrolation between these forces and he spent his life searching for that connection.

It maybe that as you get towards smaller amounts, that is the size of fundemental particles, then gravity is twisted or curved to suh a degree as to form a a stronger type of force which we know as the nuclear forces.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21275167

Thank you for you clear answer, it is a fact that mass bends space? Or just theory ? Going to spin on your input :-) ty
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