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Message Subject GRAVITY, HOW does it work??
Poster Handle Ninja G
Post Content
we live in an electric universe and space itself, the vacuum, is dense with energy. Everything has a magnetic field. The earth has one, the human body has one. I believe gravity has something to do with the electric charge of matter causing magnetism and static cling.

It's also possible that extra dimensions are involved. The universe is a fractal hologram and gravity could be some emergent property of that field of energy vibrating that forms the basis of the reality we see around us.

Also something else that might be a factor is that there is sort of a polarity to everything and spin. I've heard that life and complexity comes from the centripedal spin which is an inward vortex and this is opposed by entropy which is the opposite outward spin where the universe expands and becomes less energetic.

so everything is a toroidal vortex that is spinning inward and outward. Everything is black holes. in your atoms holding the atom together. and at the superscale the universe itself.

Also gyroscopic spin negates gravity along one axis if you use bose einstein condensates impregnated with magnetic particles and spun with a strong rodin coil electromagnet, this proves gravity manipulation is possible and shows that gravity is a result of the electromagnetic nature of the material world.

Check out Alienscientist channel on youtube for more on that. It's very interesting science on the cutting edge and venturing into that esoteric realm of superscience that the powers that be don't want people knowing about.
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