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Message Subject GRAVITY, HOW does it work??
Poster Handle pi
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I agree with the view that there is no "pull" in nature. I recall reading that even Newton had a problem with the concept of "action at a distance." Do this thought experiment: Two bodies are separated in (astronomical) space, and supposedly there is NOTHING in the space between them. Do they reach out with invisible claws and grab each other? How can one affect the other without any contact whatsoever, and nothing in the space between them? Now, think about vacuums. When you suck a soft drink up a straw, is something pulling the liquid up? Now we know that atmospheric pressure is pushing the liquid up, due to the fact that there is less pressure in the straw, and there is an imbalance of forces. Finally, have any of you readers heard about the Biefield-Brown effect? How is that explained? Sorry, no link about that.
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Two poles is not sufficient.
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