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Gun or no GUNS......

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United States
01/18/2013 10:26 AM
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Gun or no GUNS......
first i want to say i have always been slightly on the left. i grew up in the performing arts, went to art school and still work in the arts. i learned a lot of world history through my art history classes. life and politics have always been shown and passed down through the arts.

i grew up in a small town in northern IL. my dad had guns and hunted. my mother's family were avid hunters...loading shells with my uncle, playing with their hunting dogs are some of my childhood memories.
now did i personally like to hunt...NO my opinion.
did i learn how to shoot a gun....yes, but only at targets....i was good at it and used to compete.
did i ever own a gun....NO.....again MY choice...and mine only.
do i think others should own a gun.......well that is THEIR choice. PERIOD, end of discussion!

i have grown up knowing this country has a Constitution we were taught how important the bill of rights were.
now as a kid i understood fully the first amendment the freedom to have an opinion and voice this opinion. I also know the power of my words if used wrongly could hurt others...so this right my country has fought to allow it citizens should not be abused.
as a kid i understand my country has also fought to allow it citizens the right to bare arms...own a gun. and yes this right if abused can hurt others. there are many laws put into place to make sure one does not hurt other with their guns....
but these rights given to all US citizens were carefully drawn up years ago. this country went through a civil war without the need to strike it from the Constitution.

as a kid i really did not truly understand the other 8 rights listed in the bill of rights though i did know 1 and 2 went hand and hand.
if it was not for the 2nd the 1st would become mute.
now as an adult and having a better understanding of the other 8 rights, without the 2nd 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and mostly 1 can and will be taking away.
now here today do i own a gun....NO. my choice.
should anyone else, any other US citizen own a gun....
NOT MY CHOICE....it is THEIR choice.
now should there be check into who should have guns...well maybe.
should their be a age limit to how young a person can be to own a gun...maybe.
do people use guns to bad things...yes....
take away their gun, will this stop them from doing bad things...NO.
there are many reasons people do bad things, almost as many reasons as there are ways and devices to do them.

now here today i see a darkness coming over this country.
many people understand as i do that the 2nd amendment is the force to hold in place the other 9 and the 1st will be the next to fall.

here is an article i just read which shows me how this is going to effect this country....rip it apart at it seems.
[link to fromthetrenchesworldreport.com]

there are some videos as well.
[link to ncrenegade.com]

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