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Subject Shut The Fuck Up About Gun Control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Automatics this, hand guns that, gun control beat me off with a whiffleball bat. Here’s the thing about gun control:

[link to sweetfunkyfreedom.blogspot.com]

If we rebooted the entire infrastructure of the world on societal, financial, spiritual, and cultural levels, perhaps people would not resort to violence or petty crime in the first place. Guns would be reserved to “sporting” endeavors, such as hunting, target practice, and duels, the terms of which would be mutually agreed upon by all participants. (Even if it’s only one schizophrenic guy dueling the voices in his mind.

Here’s how we can solve disease and cure the gun control debate:

Take everything we know, learn all we can from history (and not the watered down version of History they teach us in schools so we jack off to American Flags and 9/11 Tribute Posters for the rest of our lives like Patriotic Zombies), reboot the system with everyone’s interest in mind instead of an elite few, and maybe people won’t need to steal, lie, cheat, manipulate, rape, murder, stalk, etc. Remove the need of crime – make it so living a crime-free life is not only easier, but more rewarding as well. Because right now it’s easier to unintentionally break the law than it is to keep track of them all.
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