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Message Subject Obama screws GNC employees - Is this the masterplan to destroy the economy? GNC Employess - listen up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It has been the master plan all along..the very wealthy people of the world ...TPTB..have had this under their hats for many decades..now they have the right man in office to fulfill their dastardly plans...a man who's father hated America and wanted it's downfall..Obama has always wanted the destruction of this country..it is a systematic plan thought up a long time ago that is now in action..

Now since they want to disarm America they will also go after video games and then movies..

So all those actors and actresses out there that keep hailing the almighty Obama better take a hard look at what they are really asking for...he will eventually destroy the motion picture business...it is already in the works..and they will be unemployed along with the rest of us...they are only famous because of the public...if they cannot be seen then they are no longer famous. They vote for their own undoing and they are too vain to see it coming, it's almost laughable.

After that it will be the music business, can't have all those violent songs out there for our teens to listen too now can we?

Systematically destroying everything this country stands for and its just starting....just wait...there's more to come..
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