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Message Subject Obama screws GNC employees - Is this the masterplan to destroy the economy? GNC Employess - listen up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am a regional sales director for GNC(General Nutrition Centers). that's right the vitamin and supplement company. We rely heavily on our part time sales associates and now we are going to screw them all. We just had a national sales meeting. starting withing weeks, are sales associates will only be able to work a max of 29 hrs per week!

That is right fold, 29hrs is the limit. You know why?


Some of our part time associates work 40 or more hours a week between different stores. This will force them to find other jobs to supplement their income, or steal from us.

Please tell me how this will help the economy?
It is all a big secret, they (GNC Brass) are unsure of how to tell our employees without causing major issues with morale.

Why did people vote for someone who is hell bent on destroying everything that made America great

Other companies are doing this as well. Is this how the next Civil War begins?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32046555

Why are you blaming Obama? Seriously, the company is a sleaze bag as many companies today are. Screw the employee that generates the profits...because those CEOs need another private jet.
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