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Message Subject Near perfect geometric shape in the suns corona.
Poster Handle AlphA Canis Majoris
Post Content
Honestly I looked and see nothing, have they been scrubbed? What exactly should I be looking for and where on the sun?

At least I see nothing geometric.

In the past the thing that really got my attention is the Hexagon on Saturn I believe--like at the north pole of saturn.
 Quoting: stillhere

Do you know what a coronal hole is?
 Quoting: Da fuq

Kind of, isn't it the dark places? But, I don't see geometric shapes. I'm looking for straight lines, squares, hexagons, triangles, ....

Are you talking about the outer edge I'll admit to being ignorant. (about the sun)

"Coronal holes are areas where the Sun's corona is darker, and colder, and has lower-density plasma than average. These were found when X-ray telescopes in the Skylab mission were flown above the Earth's atmosphere to reveal the structure of the corona. Coronal holes are linked to unipolar concentrations of open magnetic field lines. During solar minimum, coronal holes are mainly found at the Sun's polar regions, but they can be located anywhere on the sun during solar maximum. The fast-moving component of the solar wind is known to travel along open magnetic field lines that pass through coronal holes."

From Wikipedia

So....way more "dark spots" than normal?
 Quoting: stillhere

You do not see straight lines or angels in the figure in the southern quadrant of the sun.

The large black geometric shape is the coronal hole. Plasma coverage and filters determine how it looks.

Things like this are artificial to a certain degree.

The sun is powered, but not from within itself.
 Quoting: Da fuq

What powers the Sun?
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