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Message Subject Near perfect geometric shape in the suns corona.
Poster Handle Dr. Charles Norris
Post Content
Thread: Black Triangle on the sun predicted by mayans!


Maybe we will have another CME soon? tounge
 Quoting: 1908247

Just like they predicted December 21, 2012? Get the fuck out!!! *SLAP*
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29749804

what are you talking about when you say "they predicted December 21, 2012"???

All the Maya ever did was create a long count calender based on the Earths position in the Milky Way in relevance with our sun.

It wasn't until 1582 that Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian Calendar which we still use today.....

A long count calender is the same as any other... When it ends, you simply start over....

We today, are the ones who "predicted December 21, 2012" to be anything more than the end of a calender.

another do
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