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Message Subject Near perfect geometric shape in the suns corona.
Poster Handle cosmicgypsy
Post Content
I'll tell you what, if an octagon forms too, I'm going to quite literally freaky the freak out, and this thread of mine (while unregistered) is why--

Thread: Questions for those who will know about:: toroid+triangle+octagon

I have been watching, watching, watching everywhere to see/find a triangle and octagon occurring simultaneously...all the while having not a clue where they are supposed to form.

Although this particular triangle formation may have nothing to do with what I posted in that thread, every time I look at this triangle formation my heart rate increases and I get shaky, my adrenaline starts rushing...gaah

As well, myself picking up on a hexagon, and now seeing one on Saturn...good grief. I had seen it before, but a possible connection hadn't dawned on me until going through this thread.

Of course, I've still no idea about the word "torad" beyond what's posted on that thread (pitiful little) about it, but my friend later assured me that the word was definitely torad and not torrid.

I don't mean to derail the thread...lol, I'm just having a bit of a freaky moment due to what's on the thread.

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