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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle c saw
Post Content
You must be Irish, or Jewish.

Its Lilith man shes coming for your soul.

The Irish call her leanansidhe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32358435

at one point in my life, I had severe sleep apnea.(the whys are interesting...they are/were environmental! I am free of is now if I choose to be)

At that time I was very sickly(a mom of 3 small children)

I would sleep on a bean bag chair in the 'CPR' position in order to get some air...(the sleep test showed that I would stop breathing 100 times in 2 hours...during 2 instances, my blood oxygen saturation when below what the oximeter could register which is 60%...they put you on oxygen at 91-93% in the hospital)They woke me up after 2 hours and sent me home cus they didn't need to see any more for proof I needed help...a perminent treachiostomy was proposed,not just CPap machine...that's how bad it was.

one night, as I lay sleeping on the bean bag, I precieved a dark figure moving on the outside of the house...the driveway was next to our room...when it got to our room, it came through the wall and stood over me....

the closest I could discribe it would be like a black hooded monks type robe but more flowing...

as it stood over me, I understood it to be death...

In my mind, I shouted, "Breath, God Dam it!!!!"

and instantly it vanished and I took a deep breath of air....

Death is a very real possibility with severe sleep apnea.

The next time it began to come near (about the edge of the driveway)as soon as I felt it coming, I woke up...and breathed...

It wasn't long after that that I left everything behind(I left my disabled 5 year old and my 4 year old 'tigger' wanna be with thier dad:/ thought I was dying and didn't want to endanger them, took my 10 year old, different father, and drove to a job at a christian camp and conference center...it was there that I was shown the problem and the cure, at least for me and my case/cause of apnea)

Death has never come for me again.

I thank the Lord for it.

Personally, I would stay away from Crowely...you yourself will give PERMISSION to many things to come into your home and into your life...
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