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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle Chris Hansen
Post Content

simple answer is

if u were able to move your muscles, it was a ghost.

if u were frozen stiff and not able to move any part of your body besides fingers toes and eyes it was just an hallucination that comes with sleep paralysis.

some people see Jesus Angels and some people think they get abducted by aliens, but all it is is just a dream u are able to see in front of you

on the bright side of this, if u are in sleep paralysis u can easily transform it into a Lucid Dream or a Out Of Body Experience, your choice. for lucid dream just imagine a dream scene and soon u will be transported into a dream where u are in full control. for OBEs, just imagine a rope hanging above u, and with your imaginary hands try to grab the rope and pull yourself out of your body, congratulations now go perv on your neighbor in the shower or you can fly anywhere in the real world including space
 Quoting: Chris Hansen

This answer seems satisfactoy on face level. But digging deeper there are still questions.

Why does everyone have a similar experience with sleep paralysis. The old hag, the hat man, the shadow people, demons and grey aliens. <- why would the mind project these images regardless of cultural and traditional upbringing and exposure to said characters.

Wearing a fedora and cloak isn't popular at all in asia, yet many have see the hat man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32549987

if u dont have fear u dont see the shadow men and demons. if u are not scared u will see nothing or happy dreams in front of you like butterflies unicorns and... Jesus and Angels... people think its real tho sadly. people usually have fear because they wake up and suddenly they cant move a muscle

and the darkness is associated with ghosts, so when u are dreaming that makes u see shadow men
 Quoting: Chris Hansen

Ok I don't think you understand the significance of this being a WORLDWIDE phenomenon? Have you had the chance to travel yet?
I have lived in 25 different countries with many distinctly different cultures. People from certain countries have no exposure to any images that would be reflected as hat man or the old hag. Yet people see it.
Its fine to explain it away as Christians either seeing angels or demons, but what about atheist cultures that experience it? Or pagan or buddhist cultures? I don't think its a as simple as 'people see demons when they're scared and angels when they're not'. Because peoples descriptions of the demons and angels would differ greatly.

Also the majority of people i talk to have some kind of idea about how a demon or the devil would look. Gargoyles and goatees and pitch forks and shit. Nothing about a shadow in a london fog jacket and fedora.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32549987

trust me it is just a dream, if u concentrate u can change the shadow man into something else. some people also see the girl from the ring. no one knows why most people see a shadow man and/or demons. they are just associated with fear by default i guess.

i have had 1 OBE and a couple lucid dreams, all by using sleep paralysis
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