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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle Chris Hansen
Post Content
So why then, are the shadows not part of the astral realm? Why do you think that they are just products of the dream?

Read my story a few pages back. When this happened I wasn't paralyzed. Its the first time this has happened where i had no S.P.

I woke up abruptly and sat up quickly. only to be surrounded by 4 shadows in trench coats and fedoras. I laid back down and closed my eyes hoping they would be gone. When I opened my eyes again they were still there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32549987

Ghosts are real, u can also see ghosts in the astral realm. u can astral project with friends, they will also see them at the same time.

but when in sleep paralysis what u see on the outside is just a dream, u are not out of body yet. u are still in the physical world.

so if u see a ghost when u are not sleeping/your body is not sleeping, and u dont have a mental illness, chances are it was a real ghost. i have seen ghosts before.
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