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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle lupa14714
Post Content
one thing i find puzzleing 9not all the constant paranormal stuff my whole life),but what/who are these guys in long black coats with wide brimmed black hats,me and ken kept seeing one in my street,at first we just thought local oddball(we all wear hoodies and sports gear here)or you get robbed,picked on.but one night ken dropped me home,i went in front door,suddenly he jumps outta car demanding to know what man i had in house!,im confused,saying"no one,why?"he insisted man in black hat was at door with me,he searched whole house,even undermy bed till he realized it was some paranormal thing instead.i wish i'd had the nerve to run after him and say something,like ask for the time.but never did.why do so many others see them dressed so oddly too?
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