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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle Chris Hansen
Post Content
The year was 1973, I was ten years old at the time and a babysitter told me I had to go to bed that evening at around 8pm. I was not tired at all and so I protested but the babysitter won out and I went upstairs to my bedroom. It was summer time so it was still quite light out and I got under the blankets and thought I may as well try and go to sleep but I had just closed my eyes for two seconds and when I opened them I saw a man at the end of my bed staring straight through me with such a very stern but expressionless look.

The man with a wide brim hat and long black coat, he looked to me like a cowboy rancher type and he had a short trimmed black beard. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I closed my eyes again and opened them only to see he was still there staring at me so I blink my eyes several times more and he is not leaving, it was at this point I became frantic as I watched him dissipate before my very eyes and I started screaming like bloody murder jumping out of bed completely hysterical.

The babysitter came up the stairs in a panic. The babysitter then scolded me out big time as she did not believe me at all, she thought I was making it all up and acting up so I wouldn’t have to go to bed and she forced me back into the bedroom for the night. I still remember I did not go to sleep that night and waited up for when my mother came back from work so I could get out of my room without confrontation from the babysitter. It was one horrific night waiting for my mother to come home that I will never forget. I have always thought it was a ghost or a visitation from an unknown relative that had passed away or even myself from the future or a past life as now grown up I kind of resemble the man that I saw.

There was no paralysis involved and I had not been asleep, I had only closed my eyes for a second or two.

So the hat man is very real to me, I saw one up close.

I did have a sleep paralysis incident happen about ten years ago. While asleep in my motorhome I woke up unable to move and that’s when I saw it hovering over me. It was some kind of mantis alien being at least six feet tall and this was one of the most terrifying things I have ever endured I fought so hard to move I was hurting myself as though I was gonna break my own bones from within. I was looking straight at this thing going out of my mind trying to comprehend what it was doing and how did it get into the motorhome as it only had one heavy locked door. this sighting of the creature went on for minutes, I became so terrified that I passed out from the shock of what was transpiring. I awoke what seemed a short time later in the middle of the night, the creature was gone and I went for a very long walk to a friends house to shake it off.

I have had quite a few paranormal experiences over the course of my lifetime but they are all one offs, never the same type of occurrences and some have even been with other witnesses present, so I have no problem believing some others that report these types of things. Things do go bump in the night and sometimes even in daylight.
 Quoting: Carl Kolchak

sounds like u had sleep paralysis but u snapped out of it, sometimes u can move some parts of your body while in sleep paralysis, u can always move your eyes toes fingers so u may not have realized u were experiencing it.

u can go into sleep paralysis without going to sleep first, it can happen as soon as u get into bed if u are unlucky enough (unlucky for those who do not know u can experience lucid dreams and OBEs with it)
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