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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle Chris Hansen
Post Content
It happened again last night. This time I tried to turn it into an OBE. I focused on rolling out of my body which i managed to do. However once I was out I got pretty scared. I just prayed and next thing i know it's the morning.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32784159

Stay away from OBEs. Your sleep paralysis will definitely not go away if you engage in this type of demonic new age activity. It only draws you closer to the enemy of your soul. Give your life to Jesus. Seek him.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32681289

oh shut up, OBEs are not demonic or even new age. it is even spoken about in the.... yuck.. the bible. as well as the silver cord some people see that is attatched to your astral body and physical body. Australian Aboriginies Ancient Egyptions and some other cultures also used this many many years ago. it is far from new age and demonic

also it has absolutely nothing to do with christianity, u christians make it look stupid. non christians dont try this because they think it is a bunch of baloney because of all the christians going on about demons.. there is NO demons. they are just created by your mind from fear, when having an OBE your Astral Body has the same power as when in a lucid dream, since u are using your astral body in a lucid dream as well
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