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Message Subject shadow demon/sleep paralysis?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This thread grew quite a bit since I last posted.

But sleeping on my side and stomach really did help.

Your spine acts like a radio antenna because of all the electrical signals running through your body and when you lay on your back it runs more efficient.

I had many freaky sleep paralysis moments.

The worst one was when I woke from a dream within a dream within a dream etc. This happened about 20-30 times.

I kept waking up in the same position over and over, I would jump out of bed and run too the light switch or into the bathroom then find myself in bed again. It was like my mind was desperately trying too wake up. I was then confronted by a demonic figure that laughed at me while I was punching it in the face.

Then I really woke up, unsure if reality was really reality or I was still in a dream.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2570525

False Awakenings (that is, a lucid dream where you are in control but unaware that it is a dream)
 Quoting: Chris Hansen

I started off by disagreeing with you in the thread, but actually I now see where you're coming from. Thanks for the guidance. I now plan on having my first fearless OBE and taking a real spirit walk.

I'm very grateful Chris. Thank you.
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