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Chinese 'maternity hotel' in Calif spawns "anchor babies"

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United States
01/19/2013 02:37 PM

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Chinese 'maternity hotel' in Calif spawns "anchor babies"
Chinese 'maternity hotel' sparks outrage in California suburb

Published December 02, 2012

Associated Press

CHINO HILLS, Calif. – Residents of a Southern California suburb are protesting against a hilltop home that they say serves as a maternity center for Chinese mothers paying thousands of dollars to give birth to so-called "anchor babies."

Dozens picketed a Chino Hills intersection on Saturday, holding signs that read "No Birth Tourism" and "Not Here! Not in USA!"

The city's mayor tells the San Bernardino Sun that rooms in the house have been rented out to pregnant Chinese women until they give birth.

Read more: [link to www.foxnews.com]
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