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Message Subject 3 Spheres, 6 Sides, 9 Points
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is how vibrating string theories create 'spheres' that invert back on themselves through energy/magnetism/motion.

By looking in two dimensions, we only see a vibrating looped string. When looking in 3 dimensions, we see that it is actually creating a vibrating sphere, and we now have up/down, left/right which creates our 3 'dimensional' material universe.

Once we begin seeing 4 dimensions, we see that the spheres are actually vibrating in a way that makes them invert back into itself, and a torus is seen. By vibrating back into itself, it becomes a perpetual motion system. Now, we have added a 'layer' to understanding reality. We have up/down, left/right, and in/out.
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