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Message Subject 3 Spheres, 6 Sides, 9 Points
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP.....overall....what theory or postulate are you trying to describe or predict?

 Quoting: Useless Cookie Eater


How it manifests and 'sticks' together. It is how the atom is an atom. It is why electricity, magnetism and motion are the foundation of all. It is why elements form in the way they do. Why planets are spherical. Why the sun is spherical. What the space between is made of. How consciousness resides within. What the separation of non-material and material IS. The bridge of spirit into material. Why we need to still ourselves to know god. How we can touch our own souls by going within, rather than without. It is the bridge. It is life and spirit and god and everything between.

But, you must look through this as well, to find the answers. It is right there, we have just pulled away from it, so far away, that we do not understand how IT can be all around us, inside of us, through us.

It results in how Gotama found a way beyond suffering. Jesus wept and said we know not what we do. Why Pythagoras studied all the secrets of the western world. What PLato saw in his Forms. Why the Greeks created their mythology. It is the pattern of it all.

Thread: Interstices - Spaces that Intervene Between Spaces
 Quoting: Septenary Man

I am trying to find a way, to express the inexpressible.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Yeah...that is a tall order you have there.
Putting that all together will be a huge triumph for mankind.
Somehow I sense though, that you are on the right path...and I don't even know why, but I do.

You may have some psychic abilities as well which allows you to "see" these things that others cannot.

Einstein had a gift too.

 Quoting: Useless Cookie Eater

Thanks Cookie Monster. You know, the question above as to what I am trying to show...thinking about that.

I don't know. I push myself and push myself, and I do not know why. It is of great enjoyment the seeking, but at a specific depth, the enjoyment becomes lost as the ability to express becomes seemingly unattainable.

I can easily express it to myself, which is the origin of this thread. I had no expectation for it to be for others, just myself in organizing the information.

Then, there comes a point where I WANT to express it. I want others to SEE it. It is so beautiful and full and...

I do have 'psychic' abilities. I don't like getting into them...I 'see' things, much like Tesla saw things. I experience things, any one of which hardly anyone experiences. And I have dozens of them.

Maybe that is my drive. To show that the things I experience have validity, as they do to me. I imagine the saints, and the thinkers, and the prophets, and the geniuses of their times. God, how much worse they had it. They had no place to voice their experiences, their visions, else they be persecuted by any number of factions.

What the fuck should I complain about? Nothing. Nothing at all.
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