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Message Subject 3 Spheres, 6 Sides, 9 Points
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I too have often pondered the construct of our existence. Although I do not dedicate myself to the task because the exactness of the answer is unknowable. It is enjoyable non the less.

I consider the electrical and magnetic forces to be hyperdimensional rotations of the same exact force. Static fields are not manifested without matter. Matter is constructed from captive photons that form complex interactive patterns, much like the ones you are trying to demonstrate.

I believe that a photon consists of pure spin momentum, but in two axis, with one axis lying on a hyperdimensional boundary. This would give rise to 4 unique space time gradients as the normal spin rotates orthogonaly across the hyperdimensional boundary.

We know that the higher the frequency of an individual photon the greater its apparent mass and energy content, yet we can not define the method of propogation through space. It does not radiate as a wave in a medium spreading out in all directions and therefore its energy is confined as if it were a propogating "particle".

I could ramble on, but in closing....... Imagination and searching inward is the key to understanding our existence.

Its complexity and simplicity is astonishingly amazing.

Good Day!
 Quoting: scimitar

Hey Scimitar, always enjoy your input. Propagation through space is the longitudinal waves. I haven't gotten in depth in that, but that is my understanding.

Your thoughts on the photon resonate with mine...that 'light' exists in more states than merely the material. I enjoy Walter Russell's idea that light is everything, and mass is basically captured light that is 'slowed down' from super-luminal velocities (which to us would be invisible and basically 'non-existent' in the material - in other words, when something is 'super-luminal' it lies within the non-material realms) - heading into tricky semantic realms now - but slowed down to sub-luminal speeds to participate in the electric and magnetic charge torus construct.

BTW, I entirely agree with the above statement in bold.
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