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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
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The Orion nebula is the brain of the cosmos, it is where dark matter comes from, it is where the Egyptians said the soul goes after death etc...

The or-ION nebula is the most mysterious of all, and Orion the hunter and the myth have a deep spiritual meaning.

No surprises here, but Danny's work is stellar.

The entire universe is the brain, but the Orion nebula is the central cortex or the hippo-campus of the cosmic brain.

as above so below

[link to shahidurrahmansikder.files.wordpress.com]

[link to www.learning-mind.com]

Your wondering what does Orion have to do with origins. Incase you didn't know the Orion Nebula is considered to be the birth place of the stars. What does that have to do with anything? Well if we think of our reality as a dream and that everything encompassing it is the quantum makeup of a brain. And if we ask ourselves. What did the verse in the bible mean by "In our image".

We are answered by the orion constellation.

Like an atom or chromosome the brain has to have a nucleus that gives it information on what it will be. If we think of our reality as a quantum to the greater scale. And if we accept that the orion nebula is the universal center. Then the constellation Orion is the blue print for our "Grand Architect" to be a hominid.

Which means that if the soul of god the fallen one the microcosm the wanderer of the dream. If he's been alive in the universe since beginning most likely being one of the very first lifeforms to walk on a planet or moon. THen that means that the moment that he was born as a "Man" and not a reptillian. When this pineal gland lit up.

Inside this "mans" brain that is when time began on the macrocosmic level although on the microcosmic level time had already began. The orion constellation is the blue print for what god looks like. A man. If not always then a homonid. 2 arms 2 legs and stands upright.

Now I move to the Nine. Since each human being is a soul, body, and a universe. That means that there is 3 in each person. So then the only way to ever get 9 is to find 3.

This is simple. Jesus, Judas, and Harlot. Why them 3? Jesus represents the higher self Yin. Judas represents the lower self Yang. The harlot represents the female side to creation. Thus the 3 make 9

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