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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
No offense but didnt you create a thread based on the timewavezero zero 2012 theory? Nothing happened you know. So how sure are you about this one Hm? I'm sorry I totally thought your other post was cool but what makes you think this one is any better even though it's not a prediction?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12239864

Edited: 2-27-13
Original quote:
I am sticking to my position--as I did on the thread
back in December 2012--that my post was a "heads-up"
about the wonderful alignment over the Giza Pyramids
of Mercury, Venus and Saturn...and even Mars was over
the Red Pyramid. All of the planets fell into place
above their predicted monuments and, indeed, it was
a spectacular event. The Timewave Zero mention was in
one of Danny Wilten's videos that accompanied the
thread--he didn't predict anything either, just felt
that since the Timewave indicated something "significant"
would happen (doesn't necessarily mean it will be a
disaster, you know!). He never committed to anything
END original quote from 1-21-13

Now...We are a full 30-days into events that are
listed in sequence on page 1 of my edited introduction.
The poster is mentioning this thread I was running
previous to the 12-03-12 5-planet alignment over the
Great Pyramids of Giza *(including the Pyramid of MARS--
which had the planet Mars directly overhead on 12-03-12)
THE EVENT OF THE ALIGNMENT was, in fact, part of the
Triptych movie-code for "Deep Impact." I had NOT heard or read any info about this before finding that date.
Just because a CRACK in the earth didn't open up and
swallow 1,000's of people at Giza doesn't make the
alignment any less HISTORICAL!~ Do you think that a
astronomy-savy ancient civilization would go to all that
trouble in constructing pyramids that celebrated the
configuration of the planets we saw 12-03-12 if there
were NOT some VERY BIG DEAL coming our way in this decade?

So...just go through the list of events that happened the
week of 2-14-2013 and tell me that THESE EVENTS ARE NOT
HISTORICAL. We also have 3 comets that we know of heading
in-bound to earth and many scientists since the 2-15-2013
meteor hit over Russia have announced that we are
coming into an "unprecidented" time of comets and
NEOs. The alignment in Giza was a WIDE-SCOPE WARNING
about a new Matrix including weather, politics, meteors,
comets (including a possible hit in 2014 to Mars by a
comet on retro-grade orbit). These ancients KNEW THINGS
that our NASA geniuses haven't figured out yet.
So...I am thinking that this thread is just as valid
as the successful "heads-up" thread I made last year--
and probably equally as important. Get read!
Thanks for your question. It really made me think!

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