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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
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Check the video link that I found today on another of the Danny Wilten hosted threads by Abhie (at bottom page 17)

[link to www.youtube.com]

This is a History Channel video which explains some of
the larger "signature" hyroglyphics which some archeologists
believe aliens used as markers on the earth. The one they
talk about here is the Snake Mound--very interesting idea
for navigation markers for extra terrestrials.

Just a thought....maybe the brain "signature" which Danny Wilten has discovered in the Orion Nebula Trapezium is another method of signaling or navigation in that area of
space as the snake mound is on earth?
Also find it interesting that the Mormon Church is supposedly linked to extra-terrestrials from the Plieds in this video (not sure if that has been proven). This find in the Orion Nebula could even be a spark for a
church! Wow!

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