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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
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Michael, in the post above this stated:

To me, it sounds like something that the Vatican itself would want people to believe.


Because such a finding is utterly harmless to Christian theology.

It makes NO difference whatsoever one way or the other whether the Orion Nebula is conscious. (Of course it is conscious; the metaphysical duality being the original flaw: the entire physical reality is conscious, but not with the consciousness of the "self" or the 'thinker'.)

I may not be understanding your argument, here, maybe
you can explain it to me like I'm a 4 year old. I don't
agree at all! This discovery in the Orion Nebula would be very threatening to the Vatican and to most orthodox Christian churches. This is only my opinion, understand, and NOT our author Danny Wilten's. He would have to speak on this, and I'd love to hear what he'd have to say on this.

Without quoting scripture from Bible passages--which is a sink hole to me with regard to this topic--I'd like to refer folks to a more secular source--one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle. HIs two recent books: "The Power of NOW" and "A New Heaven and New Earth" were the two most profound books for me (regarding my own misconceptions around religious teachings.) Tolle really opened my eyes to this discussion of consciousness, "the SELF"
and the "thinker." My take on the MOST damaging to a sense of reality that current Christian Churches teach is this: that they hold out Dumbo's feather to their followers that they can, in fact, at death take that thing which they believe to be THE SELF--totally in tact with them, as well as their present physical bodies which have been made young and whole--to the place they promise is "heaven" . THAT, I believe is one of the big draws for people joining the Church right now.

Has Wilten said: "I have identified a biological entity which has a human brain in the Orion Nebula."

No. He has NOT IDENTIFIED a biological organism out there
in the Orion Nebula. There is NO biolgical Jesus, Buddha or Muhammed floating out there in the gas clouds of Orion.

What he has said he has found in THE ORION NEBULA, however, is an identifiable "PATTERN"--and energy "signature" if you will, of a human brain NOT in a physical format. It sounds really simple, but in terms of what Danny Wilten has found in the Orion Nebula, this concept of a part of a human body showing up as AN ENERGY SIGNATURE somwhere off the planet Earth is VERY THREATENING to the ideas most Christian churches. Even more, BEFORE Wilten made the connection between the "trinity pattern" he's identified with the Orion Nebula Trapezium and its represenation in sacred artworks of the Vatican--we never even knew that the EARLY
CHURCH/Vatican had any knowledge of things that existed--as provable data--in outer space--or that they were keeping it SECRET! Wilten shows that not only have they known Orion exists, they've been celebrating it in plain sight before our eyes for centuries!

Eckhart Tolle explains in "The Power of Now" that our
perception of ourselves as physical bodies is only a very minute part of what our intended human experience on this plane is supposed to be about! Our whole experience as human beings has been contaminated by this misunderstanding to the point that we don't even fully grasp what NOW is all about--so that our joyous physical experience on a daily basis has been deadened and highjacked. Maybe my understanding Tolle's philosophy is helping me understand WHY the energy signature of a human brain in the Orion Nebula is so wonderful! It validates for me that we are, in fact, spiritual beings and that the physical body is just like a lovely coat that will be happily left behind. Just like the Vatican eventually had to bow to modern science that the solar system does NOT revolve around the sun....so this discovery will prove that Human consciousness DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND THE PHYSICAL BODY/MIND.
[link to www.eckharttolletv.com]

If I truly understand that I am an ENERGY being and I don't need to hold on to the physical body out of primal fear--it frees me from paying alms to the priests who tell me my physical body will rise into the heavens some day....if I follow their teachings and pay my dues. It frees me from
control and from the ignorance that has fueled insane
wars for 1,000s of years.
So, I'd have to really disagree with you, Michael that
this discovery wouldn't threaten the various religious dogmas of many of the world's religions. It's a total
game changer!

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