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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle Silentlyknowing
Post Content
You bring up some really interesting questions, Michael.
Thank you for posting. As far as this thread goes, since
Danny Wilten (it is his work we are discussing and not
Spinoza, right?) has NOT tied down a specific meaning yet
for all of this, you can believe what you choose to believe!
 Quoting: Silentlyknowing 27028191

Of course.

(Or that there is no substance whatsoever to the suggestion in the first place.)

But the only problem I have with that is that when you suggest that you have found something that is the "Vatican's biggest SECRET", that implies that you have something very specific in mind. You can explain what that secret is, as compared to other possible secrets; you can explain why the Vatican needs that to be kept secret and what they have done to keep it a secret. And you can explain the consequences if that secret were to be made public.

And I don't see much, if any, of those things in this thread.

In other words, that would be like Einstein saying "I am going to develop one of the most revolutionary physical theories EVER" in 1899; but, when questioned, he has nothing specific to report.

 Quoting: 4Q529

PointS taken. Thank you. But, again, I have to disagree
with you on most of what you are saying here! You would
need to watch Wilten's videos on this thread....and go back
through his volumes of material for the past 3 years to
be correct in your criticisms. I've been studying his research for about 8 months and already know that he does
in fact address all the points you are making here. Sorry.
A little thread on GLP is NOT going to be able to cover all
of Danny Wilten's research...I wouldn't know where to even
start! This thread is just a SAMPLE for folks who have not
as yet been exposed to his amazing work! And, quite frankly, I think that we have done a pretty good job!

A few questions, Michael?:
1) Have you watched any of Wilten's
videos yet...be honest!

In the case that you have watched the videos posted on this thread....would you please make reference to what you have seen in one or more of these videos so that I know that we are "on the same page" regarding Witen's work! Otherwise...
what we are doing here is the same old discussion of philosophy and consciousness--which is NOT what this thread is about at all. There is a big difference.

2) As far as this being the BIGGEST SECRET... Before you have seen this thread ON GLP--or viewed Wilten's videos,
did you even REALIZE that the "trinity pattern" which the Vatican has used repeatedly in its most sacred Cathedral frescos (like the Cistine Chapel, for one) ACTUALLY REPRESENTS A CELEBRATION OF THE ORION NEBULA AS "HEAVEN?"
I have personally noticed that there seems to be similar
representations of "Heaven" by the Great Artists...but I

3) Have you ever heard ANY Christian Church (besides the
7th Day Adventist Church) make reference to the Orion Nebula as being important in the Christian experience?

4) Do you know the history of Einstein's discovery of the Theory of Relativity? You use the example that Einstein could have announced his INTENTION TO INVENT THIS THEORY--as an exercise in EGO...with the implication, of course, that Danny Wilten must be an ego maniac for claiming to discovery what he has found!@ Einstein's saying he is going to develop one of the most revolutionary discoveries in physics WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED because he formulated the idea of relativity in a dream....he had no fore-knowledge of discovering E = MC2!!
(That's historical info, by the way!) Do you have any information that Danny Wilten has bragged to anyone close to his circle that he is going to "invent" A HUGE SECRET ABOUT THE VATICAN...some half-baked connection to the Orion Nebula or its energy signature of the human brain with hidden Vatican secrets? All you have to do is to watch the FIRST VIDEO ON PAGE ONE to hear his own intonations of excitement and delight to realize what he has found in the "energy signature" of a human brain in Orion Trapezium. He has been JUST AS SURPRISED AS EVERYONE ELSE!

Well, to be honest, I originally set out to make this thread to showcase Danny Wilten's videos. Just THAT.
ISN'T THIS COOL? ....That's it, Michael!
Wilten's own "take" on what he has found, other than showing us the pictures, has been slow in coming (which I agree it should be, since this is a HUGE discovery!)
I have every confidence, however, that he'll be sharing
whatever it is he finds.

I find Wilten's work to be a wonderful journey on many levels. First, just the beauty he brings forward in the various Vatican frescos and paintings to show the central "trinity pattern" each of dozens of artists have used over and over again (since the 1400's) is an AMAZING find just in the art world. Secondly, the videos that show how certain "holy symbols" have been presented as taboo to the masses over the centuries (like the tetragrammaton in the sun and the "seeing eye") is certainly an indicator that the church has been manipulating the truth.

Danny Wilten, himself, has stated that he is finding many layers of mystery within the Orion Nebula Trapezium and he has only begun to scratch the surface of what is there and its significance to human beings. It is an on-going dynamic discovery which I find very exciting and engaging--I don't know about you, but these kinds of philosophical questions haven't really crossed my mind as I watch Monday night football or Jeapardy on TV! So....that it gets folks to think in new ways is valuable in itself.
You CAN address Danny Wilten, himself, in this thread--though he isn't here every day to reply--just make your questions adressed to him and I won't go further with my limited knowledge in this debate.

I still do maintain that the Vatican/Catholic church has been secretive throughout its history (and it may have had to be this way in the very beginning because the masses were generally uneducated)--and they continue in this secrecy today. They have a telescope in Antiarctica that has discovered many incredible new facts about the universe...have they been forthcoming about what they have found?
I would very much perfer to discuss specifics about the posted videos here on the thread, rather than to engage in a philosophical debate with you about "what is consciousness, etc." If Danny Wilten has said in his video (have you watched any of them yet?) that the Orion Nebula is conscious, then it is he who should be answering your questions, right? Ask him!

So, FINALLY...A simple answer to your "HOW is The Davinci Code is NOT the Vatican's biggest secret something
anyone should find important?"

ANSWER (for myself, personally) is simply....Wilten has found that BEHIND all the angels and crosses and pretty clouds painted OVER AND AROUND THE CENTERS OF WORKS OF ART connected to the Vatican IS THE ORION NEBULA in the dozens of frescos and paintings he has examined. I WAS NOT AWARE OF THIS FACT BEFORE I FOUND HIS RESEARCH! The shape of the Orion Nebula down to the tiniest details as a "backdrop" is a way they have hidden their biggest secret "in plain sight." The energy signature in the Orion Nebula and
now--1/2013--the identification of the human brain plus the Orion Nebula as their "Heaven" is the big secret. I know of nowhere in the Catholic Cannon or their literature where they specifically identify their use of the "trinity pattern" as the Orion Nebula, do you? Yet we see example after example of little cherubs and half-dressed saints flying around its edges celebrating its existence! THAT, my friend, constitutes a BIG SECRET!
A very well studied example of just one Great Master who used the "trinity pattern" under the instruction of the Vatican for a Fresco painting in the 1400's in France is Leonardo Davinci. You can find that study on GLP in the thread: Leonardo Davinci THE LAST SUPPER CODE - Cracked!
People must be interested in this topic because the GLP thread for the Leonardo Davinci thread has over 30,000 views. Abhie's thread on Wilten's study of the Nile Delta and sacred symbols of the ancient Egyptians also found in the "energy patterns" of the Orion Nebula has over 40,000 views. People want to understand these SECRETS and Wilten is working tirelessly to expose them!
Hope this answers some of your points, Michael. Thanks
for the interesting questions--and thanks for not making
personal slurs like some posters have made!

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