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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Now Michael, I don't know what you are trying to pull here but you are arguing on and presenting claims without having gone through the material. It would be helpful to all here to do that so you can address something specific without statements like you made.-Danny
 Quoting: DannyW 32980875

OK. I wasted the 11 minutes or so to watch the video.

My reaction?

It doesn't make any difference.

Interesting; but it is nothing more than pattern recognition. Any possible causation cannot be proven.

Even worse, the problem here is that the researcher has no Knowledge of the meaning of the art work in the first place. That is not a condemnation; merely a statement of fact. (I don't have any knowledge of calculus, for example.)

So, what he is trying to do is point out other significant correspondences. But those correspondences, while interesting, distract from the fundamental Truths that are being conveyed in the painting; Truths which would destroy Christian theology long before any correspondences with star formations would.

The painting is a visual representation of Genesis 2:7. It is a visual representation of the actual Creation of Adam; and, thus, a visual representation of one aspect of the Revelation of the "resurrection", the other aspect being the revelation of the memories of previous lives.

There is a reason that this is a sagittal section of the human brain; and it has nothing to do with the stars in any constellation. It has to do with the Revelation of the Memory of Creation itself.

The posture of the Creator and the posture of Adam and even the distance between the fingers represent specific aspects of the Revelation. They actually mean something in and of themselves; something which, however, comes under the category of ear-whispered Teachings as alluded to in Revelations 10:4.

How did Jesus have the Knowledge that he was a "son of God"?

That is 'explained' in this art work: he had an actual memory of the Creation. And, because he had a memory of the Creation, he had a memory of the consciousness with which man was Created as well as a Memory of 'the Fall' and the characteristics of the dualistic consciousness of the "self" and the 'thinker' as explained by Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas.

Anything that distracts from these Revelations contributes, at least indirectly, to the efforts of the Vatican to distort and suppress the Teaching of Jesus.

No doubt, this kind of approach will find many followers.

So few people are interested in Truth at all.

What they are interested in is the pleasure of 'thinking' that they know the Truth.

Enjoy yourself.

But it has nothing to do with Truth.

 Quoting: 4Q529

So...You are saying that the characters depicted in
the "Birth of Adam" (Cistine Chapel) are actually
NOT the "Godhead" and "Adam" (which is the TITLE,
by the way) but rather...JESUS AND THE CHRISTIAN
GOD "YAWEH"? So...WHO gave the title of "The Creation
of Adam" to Michealangelo's fresco? Should we write
to the POPE and tell him he'd better change the title
now? Good Grief!
This may be your very FIRST boo-boo! And who is
giving YOU permission to interpret Michaelangelo
for THE WORLD? I don't see the painting this way at all!

Wow. That is really disappointing for me--the OP.
(Not sure how DannyW will feel about your response--
he'll probably add his comments when he comes in again
I hope!) I had actually thought that if we gave you some
POLITE and GENTLE suggestions that your continuing to
argue and criticize might be softened.

You are covering several points in your response here,
so let me first address the one I think is most important
First AND FOREMOST--Trying to interpret (as you have stated that you KNOW what Michaelangelo had as his message by painting what he did) what the Great Master of ART, Michaelangelo is saying to the viewer from the lofty heights of the Cistine Chapel ceiling appears, sadly,to only support YOUR OWN mindset--a mindset, obviously, a product of your version of Christiany! This may or may NOT be the actual message which Michaelangelo wished to convey with his painting of "The Birth of Adam."

This fact, in itself, may be WHY YOU AREN'T 'GETTING'
this thread, Michael! You are seeing Danny Wilten's work
(and my own comments) through the FILTER of your own
very specific evangelical Christian mindset. ANYTHING
you will see (videos) or read (commentaries or other posters
responses) will be FILTERED through this mindset--unless, of course, you have the mental capacity to put your thinking in a larger context.

You not only need to see Witen's material WITH AN OPEN
MIND and free of as much of your own religious bias as you are able
to handle--NOT WITH Christian dogma, Jewish dogma, Muslim dogma, Hopi Indian dogma--even outside "the BOX" of conventional physics here--and THAT is alot to ask of some people. If you are coming to this material with a "full cup" and not with an "empty cup" to be able to really assimilate the material, you are going to come away frustrated and wanting to discredit the material through your OWN AGENDA! In THAT case, you are just wasting everyone's time.

I don't even know if you are able to DROP THE THEOLOGY you are looking through and just view the material objectively.
Can you do that?
Often times we SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE, right? Danny Wilten is obviously NOT in your same mindset and is possibly even antithesis to what you believe, as a Christian, so you aren't going to be able to see or hear what he has to say.
It is also why we will CONTINUE to go around in circles and not actually achieve a dialogue.
Danny Wilten, himself, has said this to you and you
I think I've--as OP of this thread--been very understanding of your responses since they began (page 3?)....but really, all you are doing at this point is REPEATING just REPEATING/REWORDING what you originally have said pages
ago--nothing new.

Even after viewing the video--only one of about 150 available to you to investigate--you only repeat your original premise. You can NOT see what Wilten is bringing to the table, therefore, his material is garbage. We could have just left it at THAT before, right?

O.K. we GET THAT YOU DON'T AGREE....so unless you wish to bring something fresh and cooperative to this thread, please don't post any more! You are just adding unnecessary tension and boardering on SPAMMING this thread.
Just stop it--Stick a FORK in me I'm done!
[link to www.youtube.com]
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