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Message Subject Prometheus2: VATICAN'S secret is NOT "Why did the Pope Resign?" They were standing on it as they elected the new Pope!
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
For folks who are NEW to the Danny Wilten research
on the Orion Nebula and its symbolism found in art
and earth topography--here is the original GLP
thread that was running in July 2012. The discussion
on the Davinci Last Supper painting "hidding" the
symbolic "trinity pattern" (Wilten identifies this
shape in his videos on page 1 of this 7/2012 thread)
begins on page 4.

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Edited: 1/29/13: Amateur photoastronomer "Nighthound"
from Canon Digital Forum posted his WIERD CAPTURE of
an eye in the Orion Nebula. (See last page of the above
GLP link for 1/29/13!) Added to Wilten's discussion
of the human brain and the pineal gland, there's a
video showing Leonardo Davinci's attempt to bring forward
info about the human brain and the pineal just as
Michaelangelo was doing in The Birth of Adam! Interesting!

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