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Here is a teaser: What are the Elite thinking right now!

Dexter Livingstone
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01/19/2013 10:36 PM
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Here is a teaser: What are the Elite thinking right now!
Seriously folks...
They have all of their bases covered.
(1)Billionaires don't own a single American dollar!
(2)Billionaires have their real homes in Brazil!
(3)Billionaires only eat certified organic not GM food!
(4)Billionaires own lots of big guns & Rent-a-cops!
(5)Billionaires own personal bug out aircraft!

What do you have?
You live hand to mouth trading funny money for food! You live in a house the bank owns, you eat food that makes you weak and slow minded! You have a gun they will be hunting you for and your great escape plan has to work on a quarter tank of gas!

My advise: Go hog wild for the GSM! Seriously...

Thread: Press Release: FORMATION OF THE GREATER STATES MILITIA ORGANIZATION by the the authority of the United States of America Constitution

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