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Message Subject Explanation god and his duty
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Christian names are not given by their parents, they are given by 'HIM' by sending vibrations to the parents. It is interesting how many murderers have biblical names. Again a case of 'hidden in plain site'!!! Yes the evil was produced by 'HIM'in order to help us, no 'US', including Mother Earth, evolve and go through the current transition to a 5D state. 'They' the Illuminati are doing a good job, the worse 'they' are, the better 'we' are, yin and yang. 'Their' 'world wide web' connection to the sensitive children of God make them the murderers etc that they are. And the good will be bad and the bad good!!! The ascended are connected to the Universal Deep Web, and 'HIM', through their RIGHT brains and that is why they only see LOVE, soon we will all be connected!!! That is the awakening!!! Your RIGHT brain, your true brain. THINK!!!
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