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Message Subject Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Rules of the Road?
Poster Handle Lucky Charms
Post Content
The main thing you'll hear against this is "I wouldn't want to trust my safety to a computer."

The thing is, if all the cars on the road were driven by computer the rate of accidents and road deaths would drop like a stone.

A computer has no "overtake ego", a computer does not become impatient at lights, a computer will never be DUI and so on.

The other thing is, every time you fly you are trusting a computer with your safety.
The autopilot does most of the flying on the average plane trip, pilots mostly handle takeoff and landing and the rest is machine.

Anyway I predict this will happen and once the increased safety can be effectively demonstrated, it will happen quicker than you may think.

It's only the public's ignorance and fear of "the machine" that is holding it back.
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