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Message Subject Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Rules of the Road?
Poster Handle Lucky Charms
Post Content
Who is to blame if someone gets run over accidentally?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32018076

By definition blame cannot be assigned in an accident.
Why does somebody need to be blamed?
 Quoting: Lucky Charms

Well by accidentally I mean by technical error of the automatic car it mistakes a red light for green or something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32018076

Well what happens today when an automated system experiences an error that causes an accident?

We track the cause, we fix it and life goes on.
No need to "blame" anybody.

If there is a problem, only foolish people waste time looking to place blame, wise people look for a solution and move on.

Anyway with automated systems like these cars, the rate of accidents would drop so low that the pros would massively outweigh the cons.

The kind of accident you describe, a computer mistaking a red light for green, is incredibly unlikely... you'd need some glaring code error that would never make it past testing and if it did it would have so many redundant systems and backup protocols in both the car and the lights themselves and probably a central traffic control system... dude it's going to be infinitely safer than human senses and reactions, the pros as I said massively outweigh the cons.

You know why flying is statistically the safest form of travel right? (I mean aside from there being less planes than cars moving around.)


A computer would always beat a human driver in every way and I'd happily wager real money on that.

Never tired.
Never road raging.
Never impatient.
Never distracted.
Never DUI.
Never thinking it's hot shit at the wheel of a car that it can barely drive (soccer moms in their massive "my husband is rich" tanks spring to mind).

It's purely a case of proving to tptb that the safety increase would be exponential and you'll see a massive push for this.
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